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What are the contribution limits for an HSA

The IRS places limits on the maximum allowable annual HSA contributions.

Zenefits does not support contributions that exceed the annual IRS-regulated contribution maximum, even at the cost of a tax penalty.

HSA Contribution Limits

The table below outlines the single and family annual contribution limits for  HSA. Keep in mind that the total of employee and employer contributions cannot exceed this amount.

Single (no dependents) $3850
Family (dependents included)  $7750 
Single (no dependents) $3650
Family (dependents included) $7300
Single (no dependents) $3600
Family (dependents included) $7200

An employee's dependents must be enrolled in the employee's medical insurance in order to qualify for the family contribution limit.

Catch-Up Contributions

Participants age 55 or older may make additional contributions beyond the maximums above.

  • Single: $ 1000
  • Family: $ 1000
HSA contributions can be changed by employees at any time. See Changes to HSA Contribution for more information.


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