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Form 1099-SA

Form 1099-SA is used to report on the disbursements that were made to an individual’s HSA plan for a given tax year. HSA providers will provide HSA participants one Form 1099-SA by January 31 for each distribution made during the tax year. If the participant did not make any distributions during the previous year then they will not be provided a 1099-SA. Participants who have an HSA through Avidia can choose to receive a paper form by logging in to the Flex Benefits Online Portal, or download it as a PDF in the Flex Benefits portal. For HSA Bank, the tax form can be found directly in the HSA Bank portal. 

Types of HSA Distributions

There are 5 types of distributions that require an individual Form 1099-SA:

  • normal
  • excess contribution removal
  • death
  • disability
  • prohibited transaction


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