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FAQs About Zenefits Flex Benefits Claims

Can I use funds after cancelling a Zenefits Flex Benefits account?

Once an employee's HRA, FSA, or Commuter Benefits account is canceled in Zenefits, that account will be removed from their Dashboard. To check the remaining balance in the account, please call 1-866-609-4655. Eligible claims can be submitted via email to if you no longer have the HRA app on your dashboard. 

What is the time frame for submitting flex benefits claims?

For out of pocket HRA and FSA expenses, as long as the transaction was incurred during the plan year, the employee may submit their claim at any point before the end of the plan year or the run-out period (if applicable).

Out-of-pocket commuter benefits expenses must be claimed within 12 months from the date of service. 

What is the timeline for claim reimbursement?

Reimbursement depends on how long it takes to process the claim application, so make sure to send all the required information to verify the eligibility of the expense(s) for prompt processing.

  • Once Zenefits receives all of the necessary information, claim processing usually takes 3–5 business days.
  • For approved claims, reimbursement dates depend on the payment method:
    • Reimbursement by direct deposit typically takes 1–2 business days. Credits on your account statement will come from Med-i-Bank or MBI Bank.
    • Reimbursement by check typically takes 7-10 business days

If an employee does not cash their reimbursement check within 90 days, then the check will become void.

To check on the status of a submitted claim, contact Zenefits Client Support.

Where do I mail reimbursement checks for ineligible purchases?

Employees who spend their Flex Benefits funds on ineligible items or services, or fail to provide receipts for certain types of purchases (e.g., for a Health Care or Child & Elderly Care FSA) must refund the amount spent to the appropriate Flex Benefits account. Otherwise, their Zenefits Card will be deactivated until the check has been received. The client may pay their employer back via the payment method accepted by the employer, and the employer may then provide Zenefits with written documentation that the payment has been received. This payment method is preferred, as it will be processed at a faster rate. 

The client may send a check/cashiers check or money order directly to Zenefits by using the steps below:

To refund an ineligible amount to a Flex Benefits account, follow the instructions below:

Make the check out to:


Mail the check to:

Zenefits Flex Benefits
PO Box 161207
Altamonte Springs, FL  32716

Zenefits Flex Benefits Questions

Contact Zenefits Claims Processing for questions related to eligible claims, card transactions or manually submitted claims

Phone: 1-866-609-4655 

When do Zenefits WealthCare Saver Flex Benefits contribution changes take effect?

Employees’ effective dates for contribution changes will vary based on the day that the employee makes the change. This is in regard to FSA, Commuter Benefits, HRA, and HSA.

Changes you make before the 25th of the month will go into effect on the 1st of the following month.

Changes you make after the 25th of the month will go into effect on the 1st of the month after the next.

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