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What is the Timeline for Claim Reimbursement

For Administrators and Employees

Reimbursement depends on how long it takes to process the claim application, so make sure to send all the required information to verify the eligibility of the expense(s) for prompt processing.

  • Once Zenefits receives all of the necessary information, claim processing usually takes 3–5 business days.
  • For approved claims, reimbursement dates depend on the payment method:
    • Reimbursement by direct deposit typically takes 1–2 business days. Credits on your account statement will come from Med-i-Bank or MBI Bank.
    • Reimbursement by check typically takes 7-10 business days

If an employee does not cash their reimbursement check within 90 days, then the check will become void.

To check on the status of a submitted claim, contact Zenefits Client Support.

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