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FAQs About the Zenefits Card

When will I receive my Zenefits card?

You should receive a Zenefits Card within 10-15 business days after completing enrollment in one or more Zenefits Flex Benefits account (FSA, HRA, Commuter Benefits, etc.).

Dispute point-of-sale transactions for your Zenefits card

Claim disputes are not accepted from the individual cardholder; the dispute must be submitted by Zenefits. 

You can dispute Point-Of-Sale (POS) transactions by completing the Cardholder dispute form and email it to the Zenefits Customer Care team. Disputes must be submitted within 55 days of the transaction(s). There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Keep in mind, you can only dispute transactions that have posted to your account; authorizations that do not post to your account cannot be disputed. When calculating the allowed time limit use the Transaction Date. Keep in mind, time limits are expressed in calendar days, not business days.

Do I need to activate my Zenefits card?

Nope! Just sign the back of the card and make an eligible purchase using the card. The card will activate automatically upon first use.

What happens when I make a purchase over my account balance?

If you try to spend more than the current balance in your FSA, Commuter Benefits, HSA, or HRA, the transaction will be declined. If this happens, just pay out of pocket, and submit a claim. If the claim is approved you will be reimbursed your remaining account balance, and the remaining amount of the reimbursement will be sent when your next contribution is placed into your account (e.g., after the first of the month).

Why was my Zenefits card deactivated?

If you receive an email from Zenefits that your Zenefits card has been deactivated, it's mostly likely because you used your card for an FSA or HRA purchase that the Zenefits system did not recognize as an eligible purchase, and you did not substantiate the purchase within 30 days.

You will still be able to use the card to make purchases with other accounts, and order new cards for dependent(s), but until you've substantiated the purchase and it has been verified as an eligible expense, the account in question will remain inactive.

How to use your Zenefits card if you have multiple accounts

When an employee has more than one account associated with their Zenefits card, the Merchant Category Code (MCC) will determine which account the card will pull from. If the card is swiped at a parking lot the "Parking" Merchant Category Code will automatically apply the charge to the Parking account. If the card is swiped for a medical expense, the card would automatically pull from one of the associated Medical accounts (FSA/HRA/HSA). In the rare event that the card pulls from the incorrect account, you may contact Zenefits support to have the transaction reallocated. 

How to order a replacement WealthCare Saver Zenefits card

If you lose your Zenefits Card, you can order a new one from the Commuter BenefitsFlexible Spending Account, or Health Savings Account apps:

  1. From your dashboard, click on the Commuter BenefitsFlexible Spending Account, or Health Savings Account app.
  2. On the right side of the page, under Your Zenefits Card, click Replace it.
  3. Make sure your home address is up to date. If it's not, click I need to update my home address and enter your current address.
  4. Click Send Me a New Card.

A new card can also be ordered through the Zenefits Mobile app by clicking on the card icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen after selecting the Commuter Benefits, Flexible Spending Account, or Health Savings Account icon.

Please allow 10-15 days for your new card to arrive. If you'd like to order an additional card for someone else, e.g., your spouse or child, see these instructions.

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