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Why do I Need to Substantiate My Flex Benefits Expense

Employees who use their Zenefits Card at a merchant who has not implemented an inventory information approval system (IIAS), which automatically identifies eligible medical expenses when the card is used, will receive an email from that requests substantiation of the transaction's eligibility as an FSA or HRA  eligible expense.

In order to substantiate the expense, follow the instructions in the email and upload a receipt through the Zenefits dashboard that includes the following information:

• Employee or dependent name

• The date the item or service was purchased

• The name of the provider who offered the service

• The price of the item or service

• The name of the item or service received


Employees have 30 days to substantiate the claim. After 30 days, the HRA or FSA account will be temporarily deactivated until the claim is substantiated. Employees will still have use of the card for other Flex Benefits accounts, such as commuter benefits. Some expenses also require a letter of medical necessity (LOMN). A LOMN must include the following information:

  • Provider’s Information & Signature
  • Person for Whom the Service is being Recommended
  • Employee or Claimant under the plan: is the Product for the Treatment, Prevention, or Diagnosis
  • What the Item is
  • Date of Purchase 
  • Length of treatment
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