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Do account holder fees change with WealthCare Saver?

Yes, account holder fees will change upon conversion to WealthCare Saver (as outlined in the WealthCare Saver disclosures) including:

  • Paper statement fees
  • Investment fees
  • Account closing fees


Will account holders be charged an account closure fee when their account is transitioned to WealthCare Saver?

No, there are no account closure fees charged when transitioning to WealthCare Saver.


If there are two accounts during the transition period, will fees be assessed to both accounts?

When account holders have two active HSAs (Avidia and WealthCare Saver), we will not charge the monthly WealthCare Saver account holder fee. Service Delivery will communicate dates to you.


Are investment fees different between Avidia and WealthCare Saver Prime?

WCS Investment Solution fee amounts are different from the investment fees applicable to Avidia HSAaccounts. See the WCS HSA Investment Experience Fees Disclosure at:


In addition, Avidia waived investment fees for account holders that maintain an average daily cash balance of $ 3 ,000 or more. WealthCare Saver Prime does not waive investment fees.

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