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FSA Mid-Year Takeovers with Zenefits

The FSA takeover process is a completely manual by the specialist team. All mid-year takeovers should follow the same timeline as a new group signing up for an FSA. The group must sign up by the 15th of a month in order to have a first of the next month effective date.

Example: Admin sets up the FSA plan in Zenefits on 8 /15, their start date will show 9/1. This will be manually changed to the actual start date of the plan being taken over such as 1/1.

The directions below do not apply if:

1. The company's previous plan ends before their new plan with TriNet Zenefits begins


2.The company wants to roll over their FSA account balances for TriNet Zenefits to administer their previous plan's grace period / rollover /runout period.

Mid-Year Takeover Process

Administrator Requirements:

1. Administrator to fill out FSA  company enrollment and to stop before completing the flow to ensure enrollment emails do not go out to their employees. Please be sure to input any employer contributions in the fields available as they were set up with your original plan. Admins must navigate away from the FSA  enrollment flow once they reach the Summary portion which is the last step before sending out enrollment emails. You can do this by clicking the TriNet Zenefits logo on the upper left portion of your screen.

Note: If the flow is completed and the employees receive emails to enroll, this will impact existing enrolled employees. Don't worry - we will make enrollment to this plan available to any future new hires.

2. Since the company FSA flow is recommended to be completed by the 15th of the month, around the 10th of the month a memo should be sent internally to your existing FSA enrollees to establish a full two week blackout period before the actual takeover date

Example: 8 /10, admin completes company  FSA enrollment in Zenefits and emails their workforce to inform them of the upcoming blackout period from 8 /15 - 8 /30 for a live date of 9/1 where the enrollees can resume use of their FSA balances within Zenefits.

3. Once the blackout period is over, the admin must provide a final Account Balance Report that includes the existing  enrollees' Annual election, used balances, and actual balances to be loaded into the employees' cards from the previous vendor. This must be in an excel format, PDFs cannot be used for this portion. Please also provide a plan document that shows the start and end date, runout period, rollover amount or grace period timeframe.


Plan Documents Checklist
  • Current plan start & end dates
  • Current plan end details: Confirm is whether there is a grace period, rollover, or no plan end type
  • If rollover, how much can employees roll over?
  • If grace period, how long? 
  • Employer match/contribution amounts (if any)
Employee  Backfill  List Checklist
  • Enrollee  annual elections
  • Individual plan start dates for  enrollees
  • Some  EE's  may have been hired after the company's plan started and will, therefore, have a different plan start date than the employer plan.
    For example: if the company plan started 1/1, a new hire who started after may have a plan start date of 5 /

    Send a case to the Core Platform & Integrations  queue to complete the takeover.
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