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Flexben Rollovers vs Takeovers

Rollover Takeover
A company's flex benefit plan has ended with their previous provider at the normal scheduled time (i.e. NOT an early cancellation). Zenefits will administer a new plan and backfill balances based on rollover funds confirmed by the employer's previous provider. A company's flex benefit plan has been cancelled mid-year and Zenefits is being asked to resume administration for the duration of that plan year.

Note: Zenefits cannot process rollovers or takeovers of Commuter Benefits or HRA plans.

The FSA rollover guide can be found here.

The FSA takeover guide can be found here.

HSA enrollments are on a rolling basis, so admins only need to complete the HSA setup flow in Zenefits. Their employees can then either:

  • Keep their existing HSA with the previous provider and stop contributing
  • Enroll in the Zenefits plan and roll funds over to WealthCare Saver Bank by completing the attached rollover form.
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