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Getting Started With Individual FSAs in Zenefits

This guide will help you to decide whether an FSA is right for you, and help you make the right decisions during setup if you choose to enroll in a new FSA in Zenefits.


Is an FSA right for me?

Here are the key features of flexible spending accounts (FSAs) that you should know. They'll help you decide if setting up an FSA is the right decision for your needs. W... Learn more

When can I set up an FSA?

You have four potential opportunities to enroll in a new Health Care or Child & Elderly Care FSA: After your company sets up a new plan (initial enrollment), When your compa... Learn more

Which type of FSA should I choose?

Health Care and Child & Elderly Care FSAs both provide you with the same tax advantages, but they follow different rules for what they'll pay for, when you can use them, and whi... Learn more

How much should I contribute to my FSA?

During setup for your individual FSA in Zenefits, enter a single annual contribution amount for either a Health Care or Child & Elderly Care account to set up only one type of a... Learn more

What happens after I set up my FSA?

When you complete setup for a new Health Care and/or Child & Elderly Care FSA, Zenefits will process the application, email you to let you know you're all set, and confirm your ... Learn more

Key Terms for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Here is a glossary of key terms related to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Flexible Spending Account Terminology Administrator: The point of contact at the company respo... Learn more

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