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What information can I find in my FSA employer dashboard

The FSA App in the admin dashboard can be utilized by admins to view enrolled employees, balances, plan end types, among many other features. All of the features are listed below:


Overview: This section allows admins to view the plan dates, the total number of employees enrolled, contribution amount, as well as plan end type


Invoices: The Invoice tool can be used to view and debits to their company bank account relating to employees’ card swipes or manual claims. You can find more information about the Invoice tool here.


Enrollment & Balances: This section will display all eligible employees, whether enrolled or not. If the employee is enrolled their Health Care FSA and Dependent Care FSA contribution election will be displayed. Employees’ current balances will also be displayed, and admins are able to download this data into an Excel file. Click here to see how to view these balances.


Change Contribution: The employer will only be able to choose or change their contribution amount during the initial enrollment or the renewal period. Employers do not have to contribute to employees’ accounts.


Documents: The Plan Document, Summary Plan Description (SPD), as well as the Company Bank Verification Letter will all be displayed in this section.


Cancel FSA Plan: If you would like to cancel your FSA please contact Support and include the date of cancelation, as well as if you would like a runout period for your employees to submit claims once the plan is canceled. If you choose to have a runout period, the runout can be 30, 60 or 90 days.


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