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Salary Updates for Life & Disability Coverage

Once you have updated the salary information for one or more of your employees in Zenefits, please contact your broker to submit the salary information to the carrier.

Once the carrier has updated the salary changes in their system, your broker can go into Zenefits and manually update the salary-based benefit volumes for your employees and set the effective date for the changes.

Group administrators can also download a compensation report and submit the group's most current salary information to the insurance carrier(s) themselves and update employee benefit information in Zenefits by using the EOI Change function located on the employees "coverage" page by clicking the edit icon next to the line of coverage that needs to be updated.


Simply updating an employee's salary information in Zenefits will not automatically push the change to the insurance carrier(s).

Please note that not all carriers accept salary updates mid plan year. Your broker can confirm the salary update policy with your life and disability insurance carrier(s).

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