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Evidence of Insurability FAQ

What is an EOI?

EOI stands for Evidence of Insurability; it is personal health information that life insurance plan participants provide to the insurance carrier. This information is typically collected through a medical questionnaire.

How do I submit it to the carrier?

You will download the EOI through the notification on your Zenefits dashboard, fill it out, and send it to the address listed on the form.  In some instances, you will be able to email the form to the carrier or fill it out on their website.

How long does the insurance carrier take to process an EOI?

This can depend on your medical history; in some cases, the insurance carrier may request a physician’s statement, certifying your health, or may ask you to get diagnostic tests.  This process can take months to complete.

What happens if I don’t fill out the EOI?

If you choose not to fill out an EOI, then you will be granted the guaranteed issue (GI) of the plan.  A plan's guaranteed issue is the amount of life insurance available to an employee without having to provide an EOI.  If you chose not to enroll when you were first offered coverage, then the GI will most likely be 0 and you will need to submit the EOI to gain any coverage.

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