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What is "Evidence of Insurability"?

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is personal health information that life insurance plan participants provide to the insurance carrier. This is often done through the form of documentation such as a medical questionnaire.

Carriers may request an EOI for group term life insurance for two reasons with each Basic and Voluntary Life Insurance:

Basic Life Insurance:

  1. Employees do not choose their basic life insurance amount. This is auto-populated by the system.
  2. If the volume amount for the group is based on salary, then it is possible that an employee's salary can automatically put them higher than the Guaranteed Issue amount. In this case, Zenefits will prompt the employee to fill out an EOI and submit it to the carrier.
    • If this is the case and the employee would like to elect lower than the Guaranteed Issue, please contact Support for assistance.

Voluntary Life Insurance:

  1. If an employee chooses to enroll over the Guaranteed Issue amount, then Zenefits will prompt them to fill out an EOI during enrollment or shortly after they finish enrolling.
  2. If an employee misses their enrollment window and would like to request a retroactive enrollment with the carrier (any time after 30 days from their hire date), they must submit an EOI in order for their application to be reviewed.

Additional Information

  • If an employee misses their enrollment window in Zenefits, contact your insurance broker for assistance.

When submitting an EOI to an insurance carrier, for whatever reason, the carrier may reach out to employees directly to request additional information. Approval is at the discretion of the carrier and is not guaranteed.

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