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Benefits Reduction Changes in the Zenefits Product

How did the prior functionality work?
Employees would make elections in the system and we would calculate their elected amount/volume based on the applicable benefit reduction.  
This was then carried over into fulfillment, which could cause discrepancies between what was approved in Zenefits versus what was active with carriers.
Example: A 68-year-old employee elects $50k in coverage and has a 25% benefit reduction for their age range.  Zenefits would calculate their elected amount as $37.5k as the elected amount.

What will the updated functionality look like?
When employees elect, Zenefits will show the full amount for the employee’s elected amount/volume.  
Zenefits will also populate the approved amount, taking into account the benefit reduction.  
This will propagate to fulfillment so that carriers can appropriately apply benefit reduction on their end and reduce discrepancies.

Is there anything I should be aware of?
If the GI and EOI are involved, and the EOI approval flow is used, the amount entered by the user should be the reduced amount, since we will not reduce amounts entered in the EOI approval flow.

If I have questions around this, who should I reach out to?
You can contact your Partner Enablement Manager or reach out to with any questions.

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