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How to Approve a New Life and Disability Amount

To change the approved coverage amount for life or disability insurance for an employee, follow these steps:

  1. In your Zenefits dashboard, click on the Benefits Administration app, navigate to the Employees tab, and search for the applicable employee
  2. Navigate to the Life Insurance Coverage section for the employee
  3. Select Edit from the upper right side, then click  "EOI Change"
  4. Select the effective date that the change has taken place and the plan you want to make changes to
  5. Check the box next to the employee and/or dependent name that the change applies to
  6. Change the "update approved amount" to the volume that the carrier has approved.  This amount reflects the benefit received if a claim is filed.  For life insurance, the volume on the invoice is typically equal to the benefit amount, however, for disability insurance, the amount listed on the invoice may reflect the employee's full monthly or weekly salary, and not the amount they receive if a claim is filed.  Therefore, check with your insurance carrier or broker to confirm the approved amount
  7. Click Submit

*Note: you will only be able to make these changes if you have permissions to do so.  The main company administrator controls who has these permissions, listed as "Handle Benefits EOI Task" in the permissions section of the dashboard


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