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What does "Totally Disabled" mean and why is my coverage delayed because of it?

Voluntary life insurance carriers frequently exclude from coverage any individual to whom the label Totally Disabled applies at the time coverage is sought. This rule is set by the individual carriers issuing the policy and not by the plan sponsor or broker.

Carriers typically define Totally Disabled in the following way:

  • Totally Disabled means that as a result of an injury, a sickness, or disorder, your dependent spouse and children: are confined in a hospital or similar institution; are confined at home under the care of a physician for a sickness or injury; or your spouse has a life-threatening condition (a critical health condition that may result in your dependent's loss of life).

If an individual seeking to be covered meets this definition (including a spouse or dependent for whom coverage is sought) the coverage will not be issued unless and until the individual no longer fits that definition. You should contact your Life Insurance carrier if you have questions about how the definition of Totally Disabled may apply to your policy, your coverage, or your spouse or dependent's coverage.

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