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How does life insurance open enrollment work for employees?

Once the company's Life Insurance plans have been reviewed and confirmed, employees will be invited to review and edit their Life enrollments.

Basic Life Plans and Open Enrollment

For companies who have a Basic Life plan, employee enrollment is mandatory. Zenefits will automatically enroll employees in the plan, even if the employee does not confirm enrollment before the Open Enrollment period closes.

Voluntary Life Plans and Open Enrollment

For companies who offer voluntary Life plans, employees can:

  1. Review coverage volume and premium, and choose whether or not to enroll for the next year.
  2. Edit coverage volume (and review updated premium amounts) by:
    • Fixed Amount (e.g., $50,000 only)
    • Flat Amount (e.g., $25,000 & $36,000)
    • Increments (e.g., $10000, $20000, $30000)

In most cases, an employee who elects a volume greater than the plan's Guaranteed Issue (GI) will need to fill out and upload an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form. However, if this employee had previous coverage with another carrier, and that coverage had a volume that exceeds the requested volume, the employee is grandfathered. For this employee, an EOI is not required.

  1. Enroll dependents, and edit coverage volume for dependents.
  2. Designate a beneficiary.

If an employee has completed enrollment and would like to make changes, please have them contact their broker for assistance. 

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