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State Disability Law

State disability insurance (SDI), or “short-term disability coverage,” is required in the states of California, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, and the territory of Puerto Rico. Companies with employees performing work in these states must either provide, or facilitate the procurement of, short-term disability insurance to those employees. The short-term coverage is required to cover, among other things, non-occupational disabilities and pregnancy.

The rules vary from state to state.  In California, SDI is paid for through employee paycheck deductions. In New York, an employer may obtain private coverage or purchase coverage through the state fund to meet the obligation.

These plans are not supported on the Zenefits platform. However, your company may be subject to fines if you do not offer these plans to employees residing in the states mentioned.  Please contact the following resources to stay compliant and/or set-up new coverage if needed:

California SDI — State Disability Insurance
English (800) 480-3287
Spanish (866) 658-8846

Hawaii TDI — Temporary Disability Insurance Law
(808) 586-9161

New Jersey TDB — Temporary Disability Benefits Law
(609) 292-7060

New York DBL — Disability Benefits Law
(888) 875-5790

Rhode Island TDI — Temporary Disability Insurance Act
(401) 462-8420

Puerto Rico TDI — Temporary Disability Insurance (English) (Spanish)

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