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Dental Insurance


    While looking at a dental insurance plan's Summary of Benefits and Coverage, it will give basic information about plan benefits. Learn about some common dental insurance benefits in this guide.


    Preventive Care for Dental Plans

    If a dental plan lists preventive care as a benefit, the plan covers 100% of any dental treatments deemed preventive. Preventive treatments include: Routine cleaning. R... Learn more

    Max Coverage for Dental Plans

    Max coverage is the maximum amount that insurance will pay for dental costs in a single plan year. For example, if a root canal costs $750, and the dental plan covers 90% ... Learn more

    Orthodontic Coverage for Dental Plans

    To see if your plan includes orthodontic coverage, click on the Dental Insurance application. Information about orthodontic coverage may be listed under the Benefits Summar... Learn more

    Pediatric Dental Coverage

    Under the Affordable Care Act, dental insurance is treated differently for adults and children 18 and under, as dental coverage for children is an Essential Health Benefit (... Learn more

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