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How do I add my newborn to insurance coverage?

Birth is a qualifying life event (QLE), so you can add your newborn child to coverage within 30  days of their date of birth. Zenefits, however, requires that the online application is completed within 27 days to process the application. To complete the application, make sure to get a photograph/scanned copy of the child's birth certificate or a document from the hospital that indicates the child's birth, then follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Zenefits dashboard.
  2. Go to the Medical, Dental, or Vision Insurance app.
  3. Click on the Make Changes button.
  4. You'll need to input your qualifying life event and select the date the QLE occurred.
  5. Before making your enrollment changes, you can click Estimate My Costs to see what your changes will cost.
  6. You'll be prompted to upload an image of the corresponding documentation for the QLE ( birth certificate or a document from the hospital that indicates the child's birth.)
  • If you don't have the proof of eligibility on hand, you can skip uploading the document by clicking the I don't have my documents - upload later link. You will need to upload the document within 27  days of the QLE or Zenefits will not be able to submit your application to the carrier.
  1. Go through the enrollment process for coverage and click Sign & submit.

Please click here to view our Help Center article on enrolling after a QLE.

It typically takes between 2-3 weeks for the carrier to review your application. 

*If your dependent does not have an SSN, leave this field blank during enrollment. Once they have received a valid one, update in Zenefits, then let your broker know so they can update the carrier. If your dependent doesn't have a valid SSN for visa purposes, contact your broker or insurance carrier to determine whether or not they are able to enroll.

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