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How do I find a provider

Insurance plans will offer a greater benefit if services are rendered by an in-network provider, and some won't cover out-of-network providers at all. Here are some tips on finding a provider in a specific insurance carrier's network.


Check The Carrier's Find A Doctor Tool from Your Zenefits Account

Also commonly called the Find A Provider tool, the insurance carrier has a directory on their website that can be used to find an in-network provider based on the network and location. This is a good first step to finding someone in a certain area that takes a specific insurance plan. Zenefits provides a direct link to your carrier's Find a Doctor tool on your Overiew page.


Call The Carrier


If the site's Find A Doctor tool isn't getting the job done, call the insurance carrier to confirm a provider's status. You can find your carrier's Member Services number on your Overview page.


Call The Provider Directly


Calling the provider's office directly is often the most surefire way to confirm participation in a network or acceptance of the insurance plan. When in doubt, call the provider directly before your service to confirm their status.



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