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Renewal Information Explained

Waiting Period: the length of time that employees must work at a company before their coverage is effective.

Termination Policy: when terminated employees are removed from the group insurance plan, which can either be the same day or the last day of that month.

Plan Mapping: determines which plan the employee will be auto enrolled in if they do not participate in open enrollment. Insurance carriers typically "map" or auto enroll employees to a new plan. This prevents employees from being terminated from the insurance plan unknowingly. We recommend matching the insurance carrier's plan mapping. Depending on the type of open enrollment, this can be one of the following situations:


  • Same carrier, same plans: in most cases, the current year's plan should be mapped to the same plan for the upcoming year.
  • Same carrier, new plans: the current year's plan should be mapped to the plan most similar for the upcoming year, or set to "Do not auto renew."