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Waiting for Insurance Application Approval

After a new application is submitted to a carrier, the carrier will review the application before approving it. Application processing time will usually take 1-2 weeks. November and December are peak times for carriers, so applications can take an average of 3 weeks to process. If you have any questions throughout this process, your benefits contact or broker can assist. The contact information can be found on the right side of your Zenefits dashboard.

Canceling Previous Insurance Coverage Before New Application Approval

When an employee enrolls in their company's health insurance plan, it's recommended that they do not cancel any existing coverage until they have their official approval from th... Learn more

Effective Dates, Approval Dates, and Catch-Up Deductions

Start dates for deductions depend on the effective date for coverage. Deductions can't begin until after the effective date for a new individual or group insurance application. ... Learn more

Seeing a Doctor After Insurance Effective Date

Employees can still see a doctor or fill a prescription while waiting for a carrier to approve their insurance applications. Remember: Only eligible expenses can be reimb... Learn more

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