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When can I enroll or make changes to my insurance

Employees are eligible to enroll or make changes (such as adding/removing dependents or changing plans) to their medical, dental, or vision insurance at these three times:


  • during initial enrollment (as a new hire)
  • during open enrollment (the employer is renewing the company's plan)
  • after experiencing a qualifying life event (QLE)


If you have existing coverage and did not enroll your dependents already, you'll need to wait for your company's open enrollment period, or for a QLE. If you've recently experienced a QLE (e.g., you just had a baby), you can enroll your dependent by following these instructions.

Making Changes Outside of Open Enrollment

Outside of Open Enrollment, an existing employee (one who is not a new hire) can only make changes to their insurance status if they have experienced a qualifying life event (QLE). Examples of qualifying life events include getting married, giving birth, adopting a child, or a change in your spouse's insurance coverage status.


If you have missed your enrollment deadline or have questions about when your next Open Enrollment will be held, please contact your company administrator or internal HR department.

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