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Primary Care Physicians

When enrolling in an HMO or POS plan, the enrollee and all enrolling dependents are required to designate a Primary Care Physician (PCP). This doctor will be the gatekeeper for all of the enrollee's services and referrals (see the articles on HMO plans and POS plans for more information on how these plans operate).



How to Find a Primary Care Physician

The Find A Provider tool on each insurance carrier's website is a good place to see a comprehensive list of in-network doctors that can be designated as a Primary Care Physician... Learn more

Primary Care Physician Not in Network

Providers must belong to the carrier's provider network in order to be able to be designated as a Primary Care Physician. This may result in being unable to keep a Primary Care ... Learn more

Changing a Primary Care Physician

Most carriers will allow an enrollee to change their Primary Care Physician (PCP) once per month. Changes will take effect on the first of the next month. The carrier w... Learn more

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