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Qualifying Life Events During Open Enrollment

In the event that an employee is going through Open Enrollment at the same time they're also undergoing a qualifying life event (QLE), they have options.

Qualifying Life Events and Open Enrollment

Depending on the expected effective dates for coverage under both the QLE and Open Enrollment, employees can decide to enroll in both, or one or the other.

Commonly, participating in both will end up with the employee enrolling in a pre-Open Enrollment plan under the QLE, and then the plan selected during Open Enrollment taking effect the following month.


Instructions for Support

Be sure to check the carrier metadata to be informed as to how that carrier processes certain QLEs and what the projected effective date will be based on the event date.

Declining During a Dual Enrollment

If an employee is going through a QLE and Open Enrollment at the same time, they can decline during either of these processes if they so choose.

Employees can still use the QLE  to enroll in coverage if they're within 30  days of the QLE date, even if they decline the coverage during Open Enrollment. However, QLEs must be completed in Zenefits within 27 days of the event date to allow for processing.

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