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Submitting a Claim Manually

Here are some tips on manually submitting claim forms to a carrier:

Finding The Right Form

Determine whether a Medical Claim Form or a Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form is needed.

  • A list of common insurance carrier claim forms can typically be supplied by reaching out to your broker.
  • Insurance carriers provide both of these blank claim forms on their websites. If the form is not on the list above, these forms can be found on your carrier's website. You can find a direct link to your carrier's website on the Medical Overview page in Zenefits. Click on the Member Services & Claims Information link to obtain the URL.

Obtaining The Necessary Supporting Documents

Claim forms need to be submitted with receipts or invoices in order to confirm the services and their corresponding procedure codes. These documents can be issued by the provider that rendered the service.

Submitting The Form To The Carrier

Each claim form will have instructions on where to mail or fax the form and documents. Ensure the form is complete, and follow the instructions on how to submit the claim to the carrier to process.

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