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Benefits Preview

Benefits Preview allows companies to share information about their insurance benefit offerings to prospective candidates or new hires, including plan details and cost estimates.

Adding a link to Benefits Preview from the company's career page allows job candidates to easily browse the plans and benefits offered by the company through Zenefits. The link can also be emailed to prospective hires who are interested in learning more about the company.

If an administrator wants to share the Benefits Preview for a new/prospective employee but has not yet turned this tool on, the feature can be turned on and shared with the employee in a few simple steps.

  1. Log in to the admin dashboard and click on the Benefits Administration app.
  2. Click on Benefits Preview under the Links section.
  3. Turn the Public Benefits Preview toggle to ON position
  4. Share the Benefits Preview link


Administrators can also add a text hyperlink to Benefits Preview on their company's careers page. For example:

  • We offer competitive salaries, excellent health insurance, and lots of fun perks.
  • Join our team and you’ll be taken care of. Our employees receive high-quality medical and dental insurance, generous commuter benefits, and much more.
  • At Acme Inc, we pay 100% of the health insurance premiums for you, your dependents, and your spouse or domestic partner.

Best Practices

  • Include the Benefits Preview link in your ATS system's auto generated emails to share with job candidates.
  • Include the Benefits Preview in your Benefits Package overview.

Unsupported Features

  • Benefits Preview  does not support providing information on Life & Disability plans, as salary information is required for this.
  • Contribution Schemes that utilize tiers or waterfall schemes will not display in the Benefits Preview tool.
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