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Enrolling and Removing Court Order Dependents

When an administrator has received a Court Order to enroll an employee's dependent(s), they can do so by following the steps below. Note that in order to handle this process, the administrator must have permission to verify employees' qualifying live events.

  1. Log into the administrator dashboard and click on the Directory app.
  2. Select the employee's name.
  3. From the Actions drop down menu, click on Add Court-Ordered Dependent.
  4. On the Manage Dependents step, use the Add a Dependent link to add any dependents associated with the Court Order. If all associated dependents are already linked to the employee, click Continue.
  5. On the Notice Details step, enter the details of the Court Order, including dependents listed in the notice, the determination date, and any lines of coverage and applicable effective dates. In general, the effective date(s) of coverage will equal the determination date; according to the US Department of Labor, this is the date on which a medical child support order is determined to be "qualified" by the applicable health plan administrator.
  6. After reviewing the estimated monthly premiums and confirming the Court Order details are complete with acknowledgement and signature, click Finish.

If an administrator receives an updated notice to remove a Court Ordered dependent from coverage, you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. The administrator alerts their broker of the need to remove the order.
  2. The broker handles the removal of the court order dependent offline.
  3. The broker backfills the enrollment change in Zenefits using these steps. The broker may need to contact Zenefits Customer Care directly to remove the Court Order designation from the dependent.

How does Zenefits handle processing a Court-Ordered Dependent(s) after I add them for an employee?

  • Zenefits will generate a new event on the Employee Event Log
  • Zenefits will generate a new Carrier Fulfillment Task for you and/or your broker to process the enrollment change with your benefits carrier(s)
  • Zenefits processes Court-Ordered Dependents based on the effective date of the enrollment:
  1. If the effective date of the enrollment is <= today's date, Zenefits will process the Court-Ordered Depedent( s ) overnight and generate new events in the Employee Event Log & Carrier Fulfillment Tasks.
  2. If the effective date of the enrollment is in the future, Zenefits will process the Court-Ordered Dependent on the effective date.  On the effective date you will see new events on the Employee Event Log & the applicable Carrier Fulfillment Tasks.
  3. If there are mismatching effective dates for different lines of coverage for the employee, Zenefits will process the Court-Ordered Dependent based on the earliest effective date.

Please note, Chrome is a recommended browser for completing these steps within your administrator dashboard.

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