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FAQs About Administering Insurance

Can a company make mid-year plan changes?

Only specific changes can be made by the administrator outside of the annual renewal or Open Enrollment period. Changes to the waiting period outside of open enrollment are not supported. Contact your broker to find out if any changes to your plan can be made outside of your company's Open Enrollment period.

Can I make insurance changes on behalf of my employees?

The Zenefits platform allows employees to make insurance changes directly from their employee login. This eliminates the need for you as an administrator to step in.

If an employee needs to make a change to their insurance coverage (remove/add dependents, remove themselves from coverage, etc.) please direct them to their employee dashboard.

Can I offer benefits to part-time employees?

Offering benefits to part time employees is at the discretion of the insurance carrier. Your insurance broker can reach out to the insurance carriers to verify if this is an option for your plans.

Can a company add new lines of coverage outside of open enrollment?

If a company only offers medical and wants to add dental, vision, etc., they can do so at any time. They do not need to wait for their medical Open Enrollment (OE). To get quotes for new lines of coverage, please reach out to your insurance broker.

Can a company add plans to cover out of state employees?

If a company hires an employee out-of-state but only offers medical plans that cover employees locally (i.e. HMO plans) that would not cover this employee, they can add a PPO plan offering from this circumstance. They can also do this if an existing employee moves out-of-state and will no longer be covered by their existing plan options.  Contact your insurance broker for more information.

Can a company switch insurance carriers at any time?

If a company is not happy with their insurance carrier, they can receive quotes from other carriers and establish new insurance policies any time during the year. This also includes cancelling their previous coverage through the carrier they weren't happy with.

Can the benefits preview be viewed by non-Zenefits users?

Yes! The Benefits Preview can be sent to prospective hires who do not have a Zenefits account set up. They can calculate their premiums and review plan summaries by using the link provided in the tool.

How can I view employee insurance costs?

Administrators are able to view the insurance premiums that employees pay by going to the Benefits Administration app and clicking Employees in the top menu. From there, select Show Details for the applicable line of coverage to see a breakdown of cost.

How do I view employer medical costs?

From the administrator dashboard, employers can view the cost breakdown. Click on the Benefits Administration application and scroll down to the Monthly Costs Breakdown section.

How much will insurance cost for a new hire?

For a new hire or prospective new hire to view their costs for insurance, they can use the Benefits Preview tool which allows companies to share information about their insurance benefit offerings, including plan details and cost estimates.

How do employees update their address?

If an employee moves and needs to update their address, all they need to do is update their address in Zenefits.

  • Log into your Zenefits dashboard.
  • Click on the Personal Information app on the dashboard.
  • Click on the pencil icon next to the Addresses subheading.
  • Make changes and click Save.

If the employee is enrolled in insurance, Zenefits will inform your broker of this new address change, so they may change it with the insurance carrier.

When are insurance benefits effective for new hires?

When an employee's insurance benefits become effective depends on the waiting period(s) that the company has set up.

Administrators can view the company waiting periods by selecting the Benefits Administration application from the administrator dashboard and selecting the Benefits section at the top.  The waiting period will be displayed under each line of coverage.

How long do new hires have to enroll in benefits?

What's new?

By default, all new hires will be given 21 days after their insurance effective date to enroll in health insurance starting January 23, 2019. Their enrollment period will start as soon as they have completed onboarding in Zenefits.

Why was this changed?

Most insurance carriers accept applications up to 30 days after the effective date. The remaining time provides your insurance broker or benefits administrator time to submit the application by the deadline.

What happens if a new hire misses the enrollment window?

If a new hire misses their enrollment window, for any reason, they will not be given the opportunity to enroll in Zenefits. For next steps, reach out to your broker to evaluate if there are any options for the new hire or if they'll need to wait for the next company open enrollment to add benefits.

Can I change this setting?

Yes, you are able to change the enrollment end date for a single new hire in the hiring flow or for all new hires going forward by navigating to the Company tab in the Benefits Administration app and clicking on Additional Settings on the left side.  If you have permissions to make changes to this page, you will see an edit pencil icon in the top right corner - click it, make your change and select Submit.  If you do not see the edit pencil icon, please reach out to your broker.
If you are extending the enrollment window, we strongly recommend you first confirm any changes with your broker and/or insurance carrier to ensure they are comfortable processing the application within a shorter time frame.
If you are shortening the window and hire an employee after their enrollment window has passed, we will default to leaving the enrollment window open 21 days past the effective date to allow for benefit selection.

How can I switch my broker of record?

If for any reason you'd like to discuss switching your Broker of Record, please contact your Zenefits Customer Success Manager or Zenefits Customer Care. We'd be happy to talk through your options with you.

What reminders does Zenefits send for New Hires electing benefits?

Zenefits provides automated reminders to employees who are completing their New Hire enrollments, to ensure they are able to elect benefits in a timely manner.  Once an employee completes their onboarding, Zenefits sends reminders at a few different intervals.

New Hire Reminder Cadence:

  • Zenefits sends a reminder email to the employee 5 days after their hire date, if they have not completed their enrollment.
  • Zenefits sends a reminder email to the employee 7 days before their enrollment end date.
  • Zenefits sends a reminder email to the Company Admin 5 days before their enrollment end date.
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