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How can I set/manage my employee’s enrollment deadlines?

Insurance carriers generally allow employees to make enrollment elections up to 30 days past the effective date for their coverage. For example, an effective date of 6/1 may have a carrier deadline of 6 /30. 

Deadlines in Zenefits’ system-generated enrollment windows are shorter by design. This is to allow broker users processing time to submit elections to the carrier before the deadline.

New Hire or Move to Full-Time

  • The default enrollment deadline in Zenefits for new hires is “Effective Date + 21 days.” Example: an effective date of 6/1 will have a system deadline of 6 /22
  • The enrollment deadline can be customized in the Hiring or Employment Change flows:
  1. Confirm the desired deadline is compliant per your broker and/or insurance carrier
  2. Check the box to “customize the election deadline”
  3. Type in, or choose from the calendar, the desired election deadline
  4. You can shorten or lengthen the deadline, however a date greater than 30 days will not be allowed.
  5. You can change the default for all new hires by navigating to the Company tab in the Benefits Administration app and clicking Additional Settings on the left side

Open Enrollment

  • The enrollment deadline is customized in the Start Renewals tool as part of building Open Enrollment
  • The deadline can be edited for the whole group, during Open Enrollment in the Renewals Management dashboard
  • The deadline can later be edited for an individual by a broker user with the Change Enrollment tool


  • The default enrollment deadline in Zenefits for Qualifying Life Events is “Event Date + 27 days.”Example: an event date of 6/1 will have a system deadline of 6 /28 
  • This deadline is not customizable.
    • If a QLE needs to be input past the system deadline, the broker user should process the enrollment directly with the carrier and then update Zenefits using the Add Coverage tool.

Note: Broker users can also manually create enrollment windows for most enrollment types using the Create Enrollment tool.

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