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Understanding Participation Requirements

What factors can affect our dental and vision rates?


You may see your company's dental and vision insurance rates fluctuate for a couple of reasons.


  • Line of Coverage: each line of coverage will have its own minimum participation requirements
  • Participation: the more people enroll in dental/vision coverage, the lower the rates will be
  • Contribution: if employers choose to contribute more or entirely cover the cost of their workers' insurance, then more people will be likely to participate, in turn lowering the rates


What participation requirements do we have to meet?


Participation rules are enforced by two factors:


  • Carrier: each insurance carrier will have its own minimum participation rules
  • State: some states have minimum participation mandates




  Medical Dental Vision
Georgia 2 2 2
Texas 2 2 2

If your state isn't listed, it means that this coverage is not offered there yet.

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