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Add Existing Plan


The “Add Existing Plan” feature is available to users with renewals permissions in the Benefits Administration app.  This feature allows users to carry over plan details from the previous plan year, for their new plan year.  This feature should allow users who build renewals to quickly build out plans when their group is renewing plans as is.  

What are the plan details that will populate when using the “Add Existing Plan” feature?

  • Carrier information
  • Underwriting State
  • Waiting Period / Termination Settings
  • Plan Name
  • Plan Type
  • HSA Compatible
  • Out of State Availability
  • Advanced Plan Details
  • Rates

What’s the best way to use the ‘Add Existing Plan’ feature?

You should use this feature any time you are copying over customer plan details for the upcoming plan year.
You should not use this feature when your group is using an ACA plan.

  • If your group is using ACA plans, please use either the Plan Library or Quoting Tool.
  • This will ensure that you have the correct rates for the current plan year.
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