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Understanding Telemedicine with Teladoc

Zenefits has partnered with Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings (HPIH) to bring telemedicine through Teladoc to those who don't have access to healthcare with their employer.

With this partnership, Zenefits is able to provide Teladoc services at a competitive price. Monthly coverage starts at $12.95/ month for individuals or $16.95/ month for families. In addition to the discounted monthly rate, enrollees will not have to pay any copays for virtual visits.

Sign up now by visiting this website, or by clicking the signup link on the right hand side of your Zenefits dashboard (under Quick Links).

If you're interested in telemedicine, but have health insurance through your employer, check your SBC. Many employer health plans include telemedicine coverage.

If enrollees or administrators have questions please feel free to call the support call center at (855) 506-7469 directly.

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