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FAQs about supplemental health insurance

Q: Can I enroll my spouse and children in this plan?

A: Typically, supplemental health insurance policies will allow you to enroll your spouse and child as long as you are enrolling in the plan. As with any other type of insurance coverage, you may not enroll dependents without enrolling yourself. To confirm if dependents are allowed under the plan, check the SBC or reach out to your broker.

Q: Are rates supported for tobacco vs non-tobacco users?

A: In order to load these plan types, separate plans will need to be created, one with tobacco rates, and one with non-tobacco rates. The title of the plan should indicate the plan type so that employees can choose appropriately.

Q: Which rate styles will be supported for Supplemental Health?

A: The following rate types will be supported

  • 1 tier
  • 3 tier
  • 4 tier
  • Age banded
  • Attained age
  • Any combination of the above rate types

These rate types will not be supported

  • Issue age
  • Premium per $1000 of coverage
  • Premium per benefit level
  • Tobacco /non-tobacco
  • Separate spouse rates
  • Separate child rates
  • Stacking

Q: How can I set up contribution schemes for a Supplemental Health policy?

A: All Supplemental Health policies will be set up to have employees pay 100% of the premium.

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