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Locating and reading your Zenefits invoice

Locating your invoice

If you are a Full Company Administrator, you can view past invoices by clicking the Company Profile app on your Zenefits administrator dashboard. Select Billing & Payments from the left hand navigation menu and scroll down to the Billing History section.

If you'd like to have a PDF copy, click on the blue Download link to the right. 

Understanding your invoice

Each Zenefits invoice is broken down by the following fields:

  • Product - The Zenefits product you are being billed for; signifies applicable prorations
  • Billing Frequency - Your subscription's billing frequency; Annually, Monthly or Upfront
  • Service Period - The billing period
  • Unit Price - The price per product unit
  • Quantity - The amount you are billed for
  • Price - The invoice row's total sum
  • Subtotal - The pre-tax invoice total for amount owed (or credited)
  • Tax - The total sales tax amount
  • Total - The overall amount owed (or credited) 

Useful tips for reading your invoice:

  • Credits to your account are notated with parenthesis in the Price column and "Proration Credit" in the Product column.
  • Annual contracts will contain a Service Period date range (e.g., Jan. 1 2021 - Jan. 31, 2021); Month-to-month contracts will list a range of a single day in the Service Period column (e.g., Jan. 1, 2021 - Jan. 1, 2021). Checking the Service Period date range will tell you which type of contract your company is on.
  • Accounts with an Annual or Upfront billing frequency will only receive a monthly invoice if and when there are changes to the quantity of employees or products.
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