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What is Read Only Access?

Read Only Access is a plan that's available to customers who are leaving Zenefits, but would like continued access to the documents stored within  Zenefits'  system after they leave.

On December 1 , 2019, any companies who were on the legacy Lite plan will be deactivated and lose access to their Zenefits account. The Lite plan was the free version of our previous paid plans (Standard & Advanced).

Any companies who choose NOT to upgrade from their Lite plan to a paid plan will be provided the option to purchase the Read Only Access plan. This plan will cost $500 annually, paid once, to give consistent access to both admins and employees.

ALL companies will receive a one month Read Only Access trial automatically after their deactivation date. They can download all documents needed during this time. After that free  30  day trial has passed, they will lose access to their Zenefits information and must sign up for the Read Only Access plan to download documents.

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