Getting Started with Business Intelligence

Administrators can use the Zenefits Business Intelligence tool to generate custom reports for the majority of employee information in Zenefits, and visualize HR data to identify key trends within the business.

What are the different pre-made reports in Business Intelligence?

Here is a list of the pre-made reports that are available in Business Intelligence. Admins can download a report by clicking Download or View, then Download Report when viewing ... Learn more

Interactive Visual Charts in Business Intelligence

Zenefits' Business Intelligence reports include interactive visual charts that offer different ways to view and filter data for headcount, turnover, and compensation. There... Learn more

Understanding Salary Ranges by Age, Gender, and Race in the Diversity Report

When interpreting salary information found in the Diversity Report, keep in mind that salary ranges sorted by age, gender, and race are compiled using base pay from both emp... Learn more

What benefits reports are in the Business Intelligence app?

Zenefits offers many different pre-made reports that help administrators pull information about an employee's benefits.Benefits Costs: Worker and company costs for each worker's... Learn more

Explaining the EEO-1 Report

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires large companies to report historical taxable wages and total hours worked for 2019 and 2020. In 2019, the EEOC update... Learn more

Calculate Turnover with Zenefits Business Intelligence app

Learn how Zenefits Business Intelligence app calculates turnover.First it is important to note: You can select the Time duration for which you need the turnover chart from the T... Learn more

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