All About COBRA Complete

COBRA Complete is an outside COBRA administrator, exclusive to Zenefits customers. COBRA Complete offers increased functionality for managing COBRA benefits, while being seamlessly integrated with the Zenefits platform.

What does COBRA Complete do?

  • Send notices
  • Manage COBRA enrollments and terminations
  • Collect payments

Once you select COBRA Complete to administer COBRA through your Zenefits account, the COBRA Complete implementation team will reach out to you within 3 business days to begin the COBRA takeover process. It could take between 30-45 days to get your account up and running - until your account is active, continue to administer COBRA for any existing or new qualified beneficiaries. You will need to provide additional details to the COBRA Complete team to finish the transition. 

For any existing COBRA enrollees, COBRA Complete will take over those who are up-to-date on payments. If any consumer (participant) is in a pending state where they have been offered COBRA, but have not enrolled or paid through yet, they will need to be administered outside of COBRA Complete. After they are up-to-date on payments, they can be loaded into the COBRA Complete system. 

Once your account is set up, eligible consumers (participants) will receive a mailed notice from COBRA Complete, instructing them to register their online account. They will need to set up their payment method and make any desired changes within the COBRA Complete platform.

For inquiries about enrollments, payments, or any general questions, please utilize the information below.

COBRA Participant Contact

Phone - 855-893-0011

Email - COBRAComplete@healthaccountservices. com

Broker and Employer Contact

Phone - 877-791-3399 

Email - COBRACompleteEmployer@healthaccountservices . com

COBRA Complete will send company administrators and COBRA eligible participants a URL and registration code that is required to set up your online account. This letter will arrive in the mail within 7-10 business days following when your admin terminates you in Zenefits. Once you receive your registration code, you can log into COBRA Complete with the following URL:

Your registration code will be unique and is listed on the last page of your COBRA notice. To gain urgent access to the COBRA Complete platform, or if there are any issues signing in, please contact COBRA Complete at the phone numbers provided under the contact link above.

If you choose a different COBRA administrator, we will not be able to facilitate any part of the COBRA enrollment process; COBRA notifications will not be triggered simply by terminating someone through your Zenefits account.  Additionally, you would need to manually enter your terminated employees’ enrollment information in order to fully utilize our ACA reporting tool.

If you would like to change administrators, please reach out to Zenefits Support through the Help link or app on your dashboard. Please note that COBRA Complete can only be cancelled on a moving forward basis, for the upcoming first of the month. For example, if you reach out to cancel on October 16, the soonest the cancellation would take effect is November 1.

Once an employee experiences a qualifying event (typically a termination or reduction of hours) in Zenefits, their information is sent to COBRA Complete within 24-48 hours following the event date (excluding holidays and weekends). Once their information is entered into COBRA Complete, a COBRA Election Notice packet is generated overnight and sent to the qualified beneficiary. The notice is sent via regular USPS Mail and will arrive within normal mailing times, usually 5-7 days. 

Please Note - If an employee has a future termination qualifying event date entered on their Zenefits account, their information is not sent to COBRA Complete until the termination is processed within Zenefits. Once processed, their information is sent to COBRA Complete based on the above timeline

In the event a termination needs to be reversed, please reach out to COBRA Complete as soon as possible.

Once the Open Enrollment plans are loaded into Zenefits, the information will be sent to COBRA Complete.  COBRA Complete then loads the group's renewal into their systems, and once loaded, COBRA Complete will mail Open Enrollment packets to all qualified beneficiaries, on the next business day. Open Enrollment packets will be mailed to all qualified beneficiaries and COBRA Complete will process benefit selections with the insurance carriers. Changes to rates will be reflected as well. Employees who get terminated just before or during the Open Enrollment window will also get a chance to go through Open Enrollment with COBRA.

The open enrollment window for COBRA enrollees will be determined by the following, whichever is longer.

1) The length of the group's enrollment window for active employees.

2) 14 days

Example: if a group has a 7 day renewal period for active employees, COBRA Complete will offer a 14 day enrollment window for COBRA enrollees. If the group offers a 21 day enrollment period for active employees, COBRA enrollees will also have 21 days to complete renewal. COBRA enrollees will never have less than 14 days to complete their renewal elections.

For any instances in which renewal information has not been communicated to COBRA participants, please reach out to your broker.

COBRA participants are able to select from a variety of payment options in the COBRA Complete platform, such as check, credit or debit cards, ACH payments, and recurring ACH payments.

A $20 convenience fee applies to all non-recurring electronic payments. However, recurring ACH payments do not incur any additional processing fees.

When will I receive my COBRA notice?

Your administrator must mark you as terminated or move you to be ineligible for benefits in Zenefits in order for you to receive a COBRA notice. Once this happens, you should receive a COBRA notice within 2 weeks. If you have questions about your notice, please reach out to COBRA Complete.

I need do add a dependent to my COBRA.

Please contact COBRA Complete.

I have experienced a Qualifying Life Event and want to change my COBRA insurance. 

Please reach out to COBRA Complete. 

How do I cancel my COBRA?

Please reach out to COBRA Complete. 

When does my COBRA expire?

Please reach out to COBRA Complete. 

I have questions about my COBRA payments.

If you have questions about a recent COBRA payment, please reach out to COBRA Complete. If you have questions about a historical COBRA payment made when Zenefits was your COBRA administrator, please reach out to Zenefits. 

I need to add another administrator to my COBRA Complete account.

If this person is already listed as an a Benefits Administrator in Zenefits, we can help you add them to COBRA Complete. If they are not, the person marked as the Main Company Administrator in Zenefits will need to reach out to COBRA Complete to have additional admins added.

I have a question about my company's COBRA classification.

Please contact your broker.

I have questions regarding Open Enrollment and COBRA insurance.

COBRA Complete will send you group renewal information as soon as it is available. If you haven't received it, your company's broker can assist you with Open Enrollment timing. Alternatively, you may contact the administrator at your company.

Employer Remittance Timeline

COBRA enrollees often will remain on the carrier's invoice, which the employer will cover up front and be reimbursed after the COBRA participants have made their payments to the COBRA administrator. 

The timline for COBRA Complete looks like the following: 

  • COBRA participants have 30 days to make their payments from the first of the month for that coverage period 
  • Once premiums have been collected from the participants, he funds are remitted to the employer through ACH  on the 10th of the following month 
  • For example: The insurance carrier issues the invoice for the month of September and this is paid by the employer. Premiums are collected September 1 through September 30 by the COBRA TPA. COBRA Complete remits the premiums to the employer on October 10
COBRA Participant Payment Timeline

COBRA participants have 30 days to make payments from the first of the month, although payments should be sent in as soon as possible in case there is an issue with the payment. If payment is not received within this time period, this can result in the coverage being terminated with the carrier. 

If you currently do not have a COBRA Administrator set up in Zenefits or if you have a third party listed, you can switch to COBRA Complete by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Benefits Administration app in your admin dashboard
  2. Click on the Company Tab at the top of the page
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Change COBRA Administrator"Choose COBRA Admin
  4. Select COBRA Complete and Click SaveChoose COBRA Admin

If you are enrolled in COBRA coverage, you can obtain a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) from:

Please note that COBRA Complete does not store SBCs in their system.

General Notice of COBRA Rights 

This must be provided to covered employees and their spouses within 90 days after the date group health plan coverage commences. Information regarding the right to continue coverage also must be included in the plan's SPD and SBC

This requirement may be satisfied by including the general notice in the SPD and giving it to the employee and spouse within the time limit.

Zenefits sends the COBRA Rights Notice as an attachment with the enrollment summary email sent to everyone who enrolls in health insurance.

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