How COBRA is Administered to a Terminated Employee

If you have set up COBRA Complete or Accrue Solutions as a COBRA TPAin Zenefits, a terminated employee's information is automatically sent to these vendors and COBRA election paperwork is mailed to them. The terminated employee will make payments to the COBRA TPA, who will remit funds to the group.

As an administrator or broker, you have you own login to access COBRA enrollee information directly on the COBRA TPA's  online platform.  

The general election notice, describing general COBRA rights and employee obligations, that must be provided to all enrollees on your group health plan is automatically sent directly from the Zenefits system as an attachment in the benefits enrollment confirmation email.

Note: If a dependent of a covered employee needs to be offered COBRA, the COBRA TPA must be contacted directly - this information is not automatically transmitted via Zenefits.

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