COVID-19 Relief and Zenefits Payroll

If you’re using Zenefits Payroll and have employees out on COVID-19 related leave, you’ll have access to new pay types. These pay types will assist in ensuring that leave is being taxed appropriately. Please note that the COVID-19 pay types do not have built in limits. It is your responsibility as the employer to track any limits in accordance with the FFCRA.

  1. Open the Payroll app from your Zenefits dashboard.
  2. Go to the Pay Runs tab from the top navigation bar.
  3. Select a draft run.
  4. Click Edit for a worker who is utilizing the COVID-19 leave.
  5. In the Earnings section, Add Earning.
  6. Select from the COVID-19 Earnings categories (dependent on what type of leave your employee is using) and Add.
    - COVID-19 Self Care (Time Off)
    - COVID-19 Family Care (Time Off)
    - COVID-19 EFMLA
  7. Next to the COVID-19  Earnings category in their pay stub, enter in the amount of wages the worker will be receiving.
    If you need guidance on the amount of earnings to include, the Department of Labor has provided these resources on the Calculation of Pay.
  8. Save.

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