How do I amend my plan to allow the new CAA/ARPA FlexBen guidelines?

Zenefits will provide a link to a page in the Section  125  portion of the Compliance link on the Company page within the Benefits Application.

The Company Admin will download a plan amendment template, fill out and sign it, and then upload it to the web (similar to the process executed for IRS  2020-29) for processing. To complete this process click the Benefits Administration App on your home page, navigate to the Company page from your main header, and select the Compliance link on the left hand menu. Once you have entered the Compliance page, you will find your plan amendment template in the Section 125  tile at the top of the page. Download the amendment, select any options (you may elect to choose any or all options available to you based on your current plan design) you would like, sign the document and upload it for processing.

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