How do I furlough a worker in Zenefits?

First, there are some things you need to do outside of the Zenefits system.

  1. Be aware of state and local laws as related to furloughed employees.

  2. Determine whether or not employees will continue to receive benefits during furlough. For those who will have benefits coverage cease, work with your COBRA provider for notices.

  3. If employees are still expected to pay a employee portion of benefits, arrange for how they’ll pay that.
Once you've taken care of the work outside of Zenefits, you can take the following steps inside the system. Please note that if you follow these steps, you will continue to be charged as per your Zenefits billing scheme. You are still charged as usual for workers on leave or on furlough in Zenefits.

  1. After the last pay run is done, remove the furloughed employees from payroll.

  2. Change any PTO accrual rates to 0.

  3. Using the Leave of Absence (LOA) tool, you may track the furloughed employee on an unpaid LOA policy.

  4. If the furloughed employee is tracked using leave of absence, process an LOA change within the Benefits Administration app for the employee’s benefits.

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