Handling COBRA During COVID-19 FAQs

If you... 
  • Use COBRA Complete: Select ‘Yes’ for COBRA Administration in the employee termination flow. More information about the termination flow can be found here.

  • Do not use COBRA Complete: The group is responsible for notifying their TPAthat the member is eligible. If they do not use a TPA, the group is responsible for administering directly. Zenefits is not able to advise as to what steps the client must take to self-administer. The Department of Labor offers this guide that may help. 

  • Just initiated takeover for COBRA Complete: Until your account is active, continue to administer COBRA for any existing or new qualified beneficiaries. The implementation  timeline can be found here

  • Have state administered COBRA: Here is a guide to understanding COBRA in carrier-administered states. 

Cost will vary depending on the classification. Federal cost is outlined here and the state/mini COBRA classification costs can be found directly from your carrier.

The employee will transfer over to COBRA Complete's system using an electronic file feed within 24-48 hours. The 24-48 hour window begins on the termination date. If you have an urgent need for an employee to be added faster than that window, please contact Support.

Zenefits cannot advise you if you should terminate an employee or use a Leave of Absence. We are able to assist you with understanding how the system can support these options.

You can find more information about this topic within this article.

We have an article detailing the differences between unemployment insurance and COBRA here.

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