Using COVID-19 EFMLA Pay Types in Zenefits Payroll

If you’re using Zenefits Payroll and have set up a leave policy in the new Leave of Absence tool, you can use the information below to assist in editing and approving your pay runs.

How to Pay Out COVID-19 Related Leave on Zenefits Payroll

  1. Open the Payroll app from your Zenefits dashboard.
  2. Go to the Pay Runs tab from the top navigation bar.
  3. Select a draft run.
  4. Click Edit for a worker who is using COVID-19 leave.
  5. Next to the Earnings section of their pay stub, Add Earning.
  6. Select from the COVID-19 Earnings categories (dependent on what type of leave your employee is using) and Add.
  7. If you've already calculated the amount of earnings that your employee will receive according to the FFCRA, you can enter that in now.
  8. Save.

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