FAQs about using Uber Pool

The following cities are currently eligible to leverage these services. Cities are continuously being added, so please check the Uber websites for the most recent information: 

• Atlanta, GA
• Austin, TX
• Boston, MA
• Chicago, IL
• Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
• Miami, FL
• New York, NY
• Philadelphia, PA
• San Diego, CA
• San Francisco, CA
• Seattle, WA
• State of New Jersey
• Washington DC
It looks the same as a personal Uber request. After you've configured the plan, you will add your debit card to the wallet within the service provider’s mobile application.  Then, when the participant requests a ride, they choose your card as their payment. When the ride is requested, the service provider will automatically send a compliant vehicle.

UberPool is a great benefit in cost savings and flexibility for employees going to and from work. Tips for Uber or cancellation fees are not eligible. Tips need to be paid in cash and the transaction should be closed out with no tips included. Occasionally Uber will submit transactions charged by them as a force post. A Force Post is a POS transaction submitted that forces a posting where no previous Pre-Authorization was supplied. Force Post transactions cannot be declined, instead, they are settled to the lowest priority account automatically which is parking. 

The system will automatically pull from the lowest priority account even if there are no funds in the account. If you see a negative balance in your parking account, please reach out to Zenefits Support to have the funds reallocated towards transit.

  1. On the Uber app, you can add a Business profile with commuter debit card to separate personal from business.  
  2. Go to Payments.
  3. Select Ride Profiles.
  4. Start using Uber for Business.

It's exactly the same as ordering a personal Uber, but you'll choose the Business profile.  Select the Business profile to pay with your Zenefits Commuter debit card and select UberPool at the bottom of the screen.

Employees can not submit claims for UberPOOL. At this time, you can only use your commuter benefits prepaid card for line rides and can't purchase a flat fare pass or ride pass using this payment method.

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