What is job mapping?

Use this page to search for market data about potential jobs that you'll be adding to your company.

To set up the job mapping for your company, go to the Job Mapping tab and click on Search. Type in the job title assigned by your company. The standardized title options will appear beneath that.

For example, if someone at your company has a job title of Chef, you'll pick from the standardized job titles of Chef and Head Cook, or Cook.

Once you select a standardized title, you'll see details about the job family, sub family, and any alternative job titles.

To view Salary Statistics for this job title, type in a location under the City Lookup.

  • Industry
  • Sub- Industry
  • State
  • City
  • Job Family
  • Job Sub Family
  • Job Level
Next, you'll select the desired Experience Level. The options for this are:

  • Entry/Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior
  • Lead
  • Department Head
  • Executive
These are defined within the Compensation Management tool. Navigate to the Settings tab, then click Job Mapping from the left hand menu. Next, click the experience breakdown link to view how the experience levels are defined in Zenefits.

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