FAQs About Compliance Assistant

Compliance Assistant includes deadlines for federal requirements related to HR, benefits, and payroll. You may also add your own custom deadlines for other types of items, including State, local, and even industry or company-specific deadlines.

The Compliance Assistant app is visible to all of your company's Zenefits administrators. Administrators can see the app on the dashboard, view deadlines, create custom deadlines, mark items complete, and archive items. 

To learn more about administrators in Zenefits, click here.

When you archive a compliance item, the item moves to the "Completed/Archive" tab in the Compliance Assistant app. To view or un-archive your archived items, just go to that tab. 

If a particular compliance item doesn't apply to you, you can archive it to hide it from view.

The Compliance Assistant app includes three tabs:

  • Upcoming Deadlines - these deadlines are based on specific calendar dates or on events that Zenefits knows about, and therefore we can show you specific deadline dates.
  • Additional Requirements - these deadlines are based on events that Zenefits may not track (e.g., employees requesting information, rolling out a new wellness program, etc.). We can't tell you exactly when these deadlines are, but you should know about them.
  • Archived/Completed - these are deadlines that have been completed (whether by you, or automatically by Zenefits), or deadlines that you have chosen to archive without completing.

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