FAQs about HR Library

HR Library is a deep , searchable catalog of HR-related  information including employee benefits rules, health reform updates, termination rules, state laws, form builders, and more. 

Setting up Zenefits HR Library is simple. To get started, go to the HR Library app on your dashboard. Once you click on the HR Library app on your administrator dashboard, you will be able to browse thousands of resources from industry professionals. 

The HR News alerts will appear on the Overview page and will show the newest news alerts for each state. You may click on “Visit Content Library” on the right-hand side and view state specific laws from the dropdown. You may also compare state laws for all of your work locations. 

Zenefits administrators who have permission to hire or terminate employees and edit employee profiles will be able to use HR Library. You can view your list of company administrators through the Company Profile app in the administrator dashboard.

HR Knowledge Base:
Leverage a searchable and comprehensive library of attorney-sourced and maintained information you can trust. From federal and state law summaries to in-depth information around key HR topics, such as hiring, discipline, termination, leave policies, and much more. 

HR Productivity Tools:
With unlimited access to time-saving tools that you can trust, we can help make even the most complex project manageable. The HR library contains these tools and much more:

  1. COBRA Advisor: Understanding if your company needs to adhere to COBRA
  2. Custom Job Description Builder: Create detailed job descriptions to find new candidates
  3. Employee Benefit Benchmarking: Allowing administrators to help make decisions of what benefits to offer employees
  4. Employee Handbook Builder: Create a handbook that sets the right expectations for your company
  5. FMLA Advisor: Regulations around Family and Medical Leave
  6. Federal Poster Advisor: Easy-to-read posters about fair wages, OSHA, and more
  7. HR Self-Assessment: Tracking HR learning with six self-study modules that teach and test on best practices
  8. Interview Question Builder: Help develop interview practices 
  9. Multi-State Law Comparison: Compare laws between states
  10. Salary Benchmarking tool: Compare salaries across industry state and city lines
  11. Performance Review Builder:  Evaluate employee skills and develop the team's potential with performance reviews
  12. Sample Job Descriptions: 900+ ideas for companies to use to announce an open role 
  13. Steps to Success: 12 how-to-guides to help understand and manage all things HR- from hiring to benefits 
  14. Total Compensation Statement Builder: Help build a comprehensive, streamlined offer letter

You may scroll through the HR Tools by using the arrows in the toolbar, seen below: 
HR tools

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